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Julie Dorion R.G.D

20 years as a creative lead and loving every minute of it ...

"You are a fun and fascinating woman with a gigundus amount of talent. It's hard to do you justice in a one-page article"

- Beverley A. McRae, M.J., Journalist

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Red Wagon Studio has all the benefits of a large advertising agency but is dedicated to the concept that creativity is best handled by Art Directors and creative talent and should not be filtered through account executives and project managers. We have highly qualified and experienced designers, coders, writers and editors working together to deliver a product that promotes you effectively no matter the type of industry.

For the First Time Ever ...

Ottawa (October 4, 2011) – For the first time ever, the Canada Council for the Arts is launching new online applications (app) in Inuktitut, and Red Wagon Studio is pleased to say they were at the centre of their creation, design and development.

Red Wagon Studio was commissioned earlier this year by the Canada Council to work on its new online applications. Working with FaveQuest (Powered by Favequest, Bill Love) RWS designed the"How to apply" app, a tool that can be used on iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Android platforms. Using the app, the artist is taken step-by-step through the process of applying for a Canada Council's grant. RWS used images, examples and descriptions, so that newcomers and experienced applicants alike will be able to move easily through the process of applying for a grant.

"Making an app that is easy to use, accessible and clear, is a challenge. Adding in the Inuktitut piece just made it that more interesting … and beautiful," said Julie Dorion, Principal of the Red Wagon Studio. "RWS is proud that we are part of this "first-ever" and we hope that what we have created will bring the grant application process – and, of course, the potential financial support– to an even more artists and creators in communities across the North, and Canada generally."

Red Wagon Studio is a full-service, graphic design firm in Ottawa. To learn how RWS can contribute to your success, and to review some of their work and their client list, please visit redwagonstudio.com.

Independant – From logos to apps, Red Wagon Studio designs creative solutions ...

The graphic design business has changed in the last 20 years, said Dorion, largely because of technology ...

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Ottawa, Citizen – Youville Centre Fundraiser

SOLD OUT – We are in full swing for October 20th, 2011 event. Tickets are avaiable now at http://alturl.com/urrxj It is sure to be a great night, new venue – Ashbury College, same great food by David Smith and fashion by Shepherd's.

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Ottawa, Citizen – Around Town by Caroline Phillips

Being in the "in" Crowd. Are you in?

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EMC – Group of SEVin Launch

We are 7 women ... joining our experience, know-how and personal stories to raise money for our family, friends and our ever-growing community that have been touched by cancer. Cancer touches us all – Fundraising efforts will benefit Cancer Care at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Join are efforts www.groupofsevin.com

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